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The Panther Touchdown Club exists to support our Mead High School Football Team.  Coach Stamps and his leadership team have outlined immediate team needs, as well as long term needs for the Panthers.  PTC donations help us reduce costs and open doors so more students can participate.  Let's make sure that every student who wants to play football at Mead High School has a chance to do that!

Immediate Team Needs

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Camp Scholarships

Mead Panther Football provides three opportunities each season for players to engage in football conditioning before the season kicks off.  Camps provide an opportunity for players and coaches to develop trust and team comradery, along with a solid foundation on the field.  Additional funding would allow the Panther Touchdown Club to help offset some of the cost of camps and provide scholarships for students who need a helping hand.

EWU Football Camp

This camp brings together a dozen schools within the region for scrimmages, conditioning drills and team building, all while staying in the dorms on the EWU campus.

Speed & Strength Training

Students have an opportunity to work out and condition under the direction of Vick Wallace in the off season.  

Mead Football Camp

Players engage in drill practice, learning plays, strength training, and team development exercises.


5 Man LEV Sled

A LEV sled would allow the team to practice base and drive blocking.  The team does not currently have a LEV sled for practice.




32' Chute

A 32' chute would equip the team to run just about any drill for any position; multiple players can engage at one time, enabling the team to practice more efficiently.  Drive blocks, double teams, angle blocks, hook blocks, pull blocks, long and short trap blocks, and cross blocks are just a few of the exercises the team will be able to practice.  The team does not currently have a practice chute.


Game Day Travel Bags

We'd like to outfit our players with Panther branded matching game day travel bags; we need 60+ bags to cover the team.



Long Term Support Goals

Here are just a few more ways we'd like to support the Panthers in the months to come

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